Chevrolet fittingly unveils an all-new Blazer. Touché GM, touché.

If you want to see the real 2020 Blazer, we have the scoop here

2019 Mazda MX-5 Gets More Power, New Features, Goes On Sale In USA This Fall | Carscoops

Mazda has also unveiled the Euro-spec MX-5, which arrives at dealers from August.

Renault Investing Over $1.2 Billion To Build EVs In France | Carscoops

Renault's production investments form part of its long-term 'Drive The Future' strategic plan.

700HP Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Sounds Like It's Seriously Pissed Off | Carscoops

This tuned second-gen CLS shows bystanders at car meet how a V8 should sound.

Patent Drawings Reveal BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe And Convertible | Carscoops

New design drawings are providing us with an early glimpse of the upcoming 8-Series Gran Coupe and Convertible.

BMW 8-Series vs Mercedes S-Class vs Lexus LC: It's Time To Choose | Carscoops

Let's have a vote between the new BMW 8-Series, the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and the Lexus LC!.

Nissan Planning Something Special For Gran Turismo Sport Gamers | Carscoops

The fastest Nissan gamers on the FIA-sanctioned championship can win lots of gifts from the automaker.

Is The New M5 Faster In The 0-100 Km/h Run Than BMW Says It Is? | Carscoops

With all-wheel drive and a 600PS engine, it hits 62 mph 0.2 seconds faster than the official time.

Ford And Volkswagen Exploring Strategic Alliance And Joint Projects | Carscoops

Ford and Volkswagen are considering a number of options including a range of commercial vehicles.

2019 Mercedes-AMG A35 Sedan Scooped With Over 300 HP | Carscoops

The Audi S3 sedan is about to get some competition in the form of the new Mercedes-AMG A35.

Happy 40th Birthday Mazda RX-7, May You Keep Your Doritos Spinning Forever | Carscoops

It's been 40 years since the world first met the rotary-powered Mazda RX-7.

Fuel Economy Continues To Climb Even As Cars Become More Powerful | Carscoops

New models are 24 percent more fuel efficient and 14 percent more powerful than a decade ago.

Officer Tickets Slow Moving Left Lane Driver, Becomes Instant Hero | Carscoops

Indiana passed a law in 2015 requiring drivers in the left lane to let vehicles behind them pass.

Gold Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster Will Excite And Confuse | Carscoops

You'll either love or hate this Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster.

Predator Caught Riding A Chopper In Thailand, Guess It's Hunting Season | Carscoops

If you think that custom motorcycle looks a lot like one of the aliens from Alien, it's because it does.

Watch Honda Civic Type R Set A Record Around Spa-Francorchamps | Carscoops

No other front-wheel drive production car can match the Honda Civic Type R.

Vauxhall To Phase Out The Zafira And Astra GTC | Carscoops

Crossovers are rapidly taking the place of passenger cars and minivans in Europe, too, where Vauxhall (and potentially Opel) is canceling its minivan and hatchback coupe.

John Cena Settles Lawsuit Over Sold Ford GT | Carscoops

Ford will donate its earning from the lawsuit to an undisclosed charity.

Musk Claims Tesla Employee Tried To Sabotage Automaker | Carscoops

Tesla says the saboteur exported company data to third parties.

UK Buyers More Concerned With Diesels Than With Brexit | Carscoops

Car buyer confidence continues to drop in the UK with regards to fuel choice.

BMW 8-Series Available With Gas And Diesel Engines From €100,000 In Germany | Carscoops

The M850i xDrive has an MSRP of €125,700, and that's without any optional equipment.

Subaru Wants 400 Certified Body Shops In The US By 2019 | Carscoops

Subaru will launch its own certified collision repair program nationwide.

Hot Audi S1 To Arrive In Late 2019 With 250HP Turbo And Quattro AWD | Carscoops

Audi wants its new smallest hot hatch to be the most powerful in the segment.

Polestar One Saved 507lbs Off Its Weight Thanks To Carbon Fiber | Carscoops

Upcoming 600HP Polestar One reveals more of its secrets.

F1 2018 Game To Feature 09 Brawn And 03 Williams Classic Cars | Carscoops

The championship winning 2009 Brawn BGP-001 helped Jenson Button win the title.

2020 Audi RS7 With Production Bodywork Drops Covers, Attacks 'Ring At Full Speed | Carscoops

First proper scoop at the 2020 Audi RS7 reveals a proper menacing super saloon.

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Has More Power And Range | Carscoops

The facelifted Outlander brings revised exterior and interior styling, in addition to other changes.

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Facelifted VW Passat Shows Its Arteon-Inspired Front End In Chinese Guise | Carscoops

The 2019 VW Passat will launch in Europe, too, later this year.

Jaguar Vector Racing Made The World's Fastest Electric Motorboat | Carscoops

Jaguar and Williams lent their electric-propulsion expertise to the Vector V20E that just broke the electric motorboat speed record on an English lake.

AM General's Upgraded Humvee NXT 360 Arrives Stronger And More Capable Than Before | Carscoops

34 years since its initial launch, AM General presented the upgraded NXT 360 Humvee at the Eurosatory expo in Paris.

Red Bull Racing's Switching To Honda Power Starting Next Season | Carscoops

After signing with Toro Rosso this season, Honda will now furnish its F1 engine package to Red Bull Racing for the 2019 and 2020 Formula One World Championships.

Volvo Will Use Recycled Materials For 25 Percent Of Its Plastics By 2025 | Carscoops

Volvo wants to reduce its carbon footprint and will build new components from recycled plastics and fibers.

Design: How Does The New BMW 8-Series Compare To The 6-Series? | Carscoops

If you want to see just how much BMW's designs have evolved, look no further than these two models.

Ferraris Beware: Someone Stuffed A 580 PS V8 Into This Subaru BRZ | Carscoops

Instead of going for a supercharger kit, this owner decided to fit the compact coupe with an LS3 unit.

Can The Lamborghini Huracan Performante Beat The McLaren 720S? | Carscoops

Lambo's track-focused special lines up next to the supercar that has humbled almost all rivals.

Bruiser Conversions 6x6 Is A Six-Wheel Jeep Wrangler With A 450HP LS3 V8 | Carscoops

This modified Wrangler sports an extra axle and a Corvette C6-sourced 6.2-liter V8.

2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC Electric Crossover Switches To Blue Clothing As Production Nears | Carscoops

Mercedes' engineers need to make sure that the extreme heat won't affect some of the key components of the electric crossover.

Hardcore BMW M4 GTS Spotted, Is A New Limited Edition In The Works? | Carscoops

BMW fans rejoice as company appears to be working on a new limited edition based on the M4 GTS.

Tesla Sets Up New Production Line, Builds First Model 3 Dual Motor Performance | Carscoops

The Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance can rocket from 0-60 mph in 3.5 secodns.

Honda Civic Type R Continues Setting Lap Records, This Time At Spa-Francorchamps | Carscoops

The Honda Civic Type R managed to lap the track in 2 minutes and 53.72 seconds.

UK Cities Team Up To Push For ICE Banning Starting In 2030 | Carscoops

Leaders of UK cities such as London want to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

Watch All Six Generations Of Honda Civic Type R Hit The Track In One Showdown | Carscoops

Leave it to the South Africans to gather every iteration of the Honda Civic Type R on the track.

Chrome And Carbon Bugatti Veyron Would Sure Look Sweet In Your Driveway | Carscoops

There's something uniquely alluring about this 2008 Bugatti Veyron, decked out in chrome and carbon.

New Mercedes A-Class Takes On BMW 1-Series And Audi A3 For The Premium Crown | Carscoops

Mercedes' all-new A-Class was always expected to be better than the BMW 1-Series or the Audi A3.

Was Thatcham's Tesla Autopilot Test Fair, All Things Considered? | Carscoops

Thatcham Research devised a very realistic test for the Tesla Model S' Autopilot system.

2019 Audi A1 Sportback Debuts With Sportier Styling, Upmarket Interior | Carscoops

The all-new Audi A1 will be offered with three different TFSI engines.

New BMW 8-Series Gets A Slew Of Digital Transformations, Which One's Your Favorite? | Carscoops

Let's see how the new BMW 8-Series looks like as a Cabriolet, Gran Coupe, pickup truck and others.

Old Subaru And Classic Beetle Join Hands In Unholy Matrimony | Carscoops

While this car might be really weird to look at, the execution actually seems pretty good.

2019 Renault Kadjar Facelift Brings Styling And Tech Upgrades | Carscoops

Renault's updated Kadjar will feature restyled front and rear ends and, probably, a revamped cabin.

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